Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Cute right? Wrong.. This is my house. It's actually part of the dorms which is kinda weird to me. It is obviously nothing like American dorms. I am used to the good old LLC with it's comforting televisions and elevators. Ha moving in here was a big change for me. I like it a lot though, the house itself is absolutely beautiful to look at. I have an enormous room that could easily sleep 5 girls, but it's just me and my cute roommate, Jihyun (pronounced "Q"). She is here from South Korea and is learning english.
Back to the house.. I am not going to let myself believe that it is haunted because the last thing I need right now is nightmares. However it is definitely creepy. My room is the top, left corner window in this picture. It is really a gorgeous room when the sun comes shining in the window. The only problem is that the sun has only come out once in the last week ha! Cross your fingers that it might happen again.

Digby Hall
Highgrove House room 5x2
Stoughton Drive South

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