Saturday, January 30, 2010

Robin Hood

Yesterday we took a day trip to Nottingham, the most beautiful place I had ever seen. Most of you probably know Nottingham because of the Sherwood forest where Robin Hood was from. We visited Robin Hood, the Nottingham Castle and the Nottingham caves.
We got on a bus early in the morning after standing in the cold for about 45 minutes worrying that we wouldn't make it on time. Thankfully I slept the entire trip there, I couldn't even tell you how long the bus ride was because I immediately fell asleep both on the way there and back.
Once we arrived we wandered into the town hoping to find our way to the castle. But we were immediately distracted by the beauty of the town itself. We stopped every few feet just to take pictures. Eventually we found our way to the statue of Robin Hood. I'm sure the locals thought we were crazy, a group of 9 American teenage girls clinging onto a cold metal statue. Obviously it was time for another photo shoot. It's safe for you to assume that no matter where we go we will stop and take pictures. And not just one, we each pass around 9 different cameras and pull a million different poses. We cause quite the commotion. Basically we are just confirming the typical stereo-type for tourists. But we are proud of it.


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