Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Many of you know that when I introduce myself to new friends, I recite to them the song "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. I explain to them that I have the same name as the lead character and people always seem to remember who I am after that. Well I realized today, after introducing myself in a class, that I should probably listen to my own advice.
Yesterday I wrote about my awful experience on the first day of school and about how terrified I was to return. The good news is, today was great. I had 3 classes and I spent about 6 hours on campus but I enjoyed every minute of it. I found that all the stress I had built up earlier had been pointless. My classes today were very interesting, and the professors were friendly and helpful. Just what I needed to calm me down. Also, best of all I was able to transfer out of my horrible history class! Thank god.
Tonight marks the beginning of my weekend because I don't have class on Fridays. Our plan is to go out and sing karaoke. According to our British friends, no one goes and it's only for losers, but we figure that since we have already established our reputation as the obnoxious, loud Americans, what could be better?
Tomorrow morning we are boarding a bus to spend the day in Nottingham. I'm really excited about it. Tours of castles, tea parties and Robin Hood's forest are all on our agenda. The best part of it is, the whole trip only cost about £4.
I am constantly amazed at how expensive everything here is, it has been really hard to get used to. The trickiest part is that the US dollar does not have the same value as the pound. So when you think you are getting a good deal you might actually not be. It's also really embarrassing sometimes, because most of the money I receive is in change. All the coins here are different and I can never keep straight which one equals which amount. I always just have to tell the cashier to help me count out my money. Ha!
Anyways, That's just the news of the day.I hope everyone is doing well back home. Feel free to write to me and fill me in on your lives.
Remember "The sun will come out tomorrow!"


  1. Funny you write about this today I went and saw Annie yesterday!! miss you!

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