Sunday, January 31, 2010

U.K. Lingo

Today is the official 2 week mark of being here in England. We have already learned so much about the culture. Another thing we have been trying to pick up on is the different phrases and terms they use. It's still hard for me to catch on to, but here is some of the lingo we have learned so far..

1. queue = line (example above)
2. rubbish = trash (Rubbish bins are actually really hard to find here for some reason. It's amazing to me how clean the cities are because I never know where to throw something away)
3. WC = water closet = bathroom
4. tart = slut
5. dodgy = sketcky
6. posh = cool
7. chips = french fries
8. crisps = chips (confusing, i know!)
9. nicking = steal
10. football = soccer
11. getting off = making out (yeah, we took it the wrong way too..)
12. quid = buck
13. mind the gap = get out of the way or you will be hit by the train
14. tube = underground train
15. baccy = tobacco
16. touch wood = knock on wood

There are a million more that I am forgetting at the moment so I will add to this list later.


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