Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Reality finally set in today when I remembered that I am here for a reason.. School. Suddenly this wonderful vacation has a dark cloud lingering over it (literally though, the sun never shines here). I arrived in my first class this morning only to find that it wasn't a lecture but a seminar where the entire class was expected to participate. The desks were all facing each other in a large circle so that all eyes were on you when it was your turn to speak. I also discovered, as we introduced ourselves to the class, that I had been placed in a second year British history class with strictly history majors. Everyone in the room had taken at least 2 or 3 prerequisite courses leading up to this Renaissance History class. I immediately felt sick and out of place. To top it all off I was assigned a massive amount of homework from sources I have never even heard of. I almost started crying when I later asked the librarian if she could help me.
As I got off the bus I thought for sure I would never make it here. I ran to my room only to call my boyfriend (poor guy, it was 5 a.m. his time) and burst into tears. After calming down I realized that this whole experience is about me learning to grow up. The work is going to suck and i may not receive the best grades of my life, but I will gain a lot more from the experience than I ever would in a class back home. ha! Please wish me luck with this. Hopefully I will be able to figure everything out. I am looking forward to my new British classes here at Leicester Uni (that's what you call it here).


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