Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Sing

So as American's we constantly feel the need to draw attention to ourselves. And as teenage girls, we usually do this by singing songs everywhere we go. Our little group has been known to burst into song at any random occasion.
Funny story.. We were wondering the streets of Nottingham looking for a place to eat lunch when we heard a local gentleman's phone start playing the song "Re-play" by Iyaz. This just happens to be one of our favorite song so we all look at the man and start singing. The kind man decides to start the song over for us so we can all sing as we walk down the street. Here we are, 9 girls screaming "Shawty´s like a melody in my head, That I can´t keep out, Got me singin´ like..."
and randomly, from across the street, 3 British boys sing back to us "Na na na na everyday, It´s like my iPod stuck on replay replay-ay-ay-ay."
Epic moment of our trip!!

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