Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Culture Shock

This post is going to show you how completely opposite Leicester (and just Europe in general) is from good old Utah.
Monday night is known as the night to go out and party in the U.K. for some reason, the beginning of the week is like a celebration over here. It doesn't matter if you have a 7a.m. class the next morning, everyone here goes out on Monday nights. For the last few weeks I have avoided this just because it feels so weird to me to go clubbing on a school night, but I was sick all weekend so this Monday I decided I should give it a try. Fortunately I don't have class on Tuesday.
It all started out with Tessa and I signing up for something called "Battle of the Halls". Basically it was a competition between all the different dorms to see who could get the most residents to come out (Our dorm dominated jsyk). The deal was, you pay 5 pounds and you get a free shirt, shot and entry to a club. The catch is, in order to get into the club you first have to do a pub crawl.
PUB CRAWL = the funniest thing I have ever done in my life.
You are given a list of pubs and you have to go to each one and hang out there before moving on. There are all sorts of games, music, and dance contests going on while you are there. It's very social, a great way to meet people and dance. It's good advertising for the pubs too because obviously, the kids will go back to the ones they like later.
The reason it is called a pub crawl is because by the end of it you are supposed to be so drunk you are literally "crawling" into the club. Don't worry, I didn't see anyone on their hands and knees.
It was incredible to me to think that the school would sponsor a drinking event. But that's how the culture here is. A lot of things are based around alcohol and it's viewed very differently here than it is in America. I feel like back home people act like it's a bad, scary thing and that by drinking you are really rebelling. But in Europe they have a much more open mind about it, and because of it, they have been able to organize all kinds of ways to teach kids how to be responsible about it (this would not be a good example of that). They even have free buses run by the school that take kids where they need to go so they won't drive.
I'm not one to say who is wrong or right, but I do think it's amazing to see how different it is here. I feel like I am living on another planet. That's only one aspect of it too.
We have a bar right in my dorm room, and they serve alcohol at all meals. I like it though because people here just drink socially, they don't just binge and get wasted all the time.

Soo anyways, we finished the pub crawl and ended up at the club after about 6 hours of wandering from bar to bar. The club was ridiculous, just a bunch of teenagers jumping around to a mix of American top 20 and techno. I loved it.
By the end of the night I was completely exhausted and actually kinda sore from all the dancing. It was so nice to just go home and fall asleep (after skyping of course).

Highlight Of the night was when all of us American girls got on the stage at one of the bars and they played "Party In The U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus. I have never been so proud to be an American.

That's basically just one example of a typical night here in Leicester. I think at this point I'm living the dream of any American teen. Loving life.


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