Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leicester Uni Elections

This week is election week for the student body of Leicester Uni. This morning when I arrived on campus I was immediately swarmed by campaigners. Everywhere I looked were people wearing homemade shirts with slogans painted across their chest. For the most part it was similar to an election at Utah State except a lot less professional and a lot more in your face. I have gone a month without anyone ever really talking to me while I walk to class, and now today people were practically stalking me asking for my vote. After a while I realized that I could take advantage of these campaigners by bargaining with them to see what they would be willing to do for my vote.
Tessa and I made our way to the library and received 10 pamphlets, 3 suckers, gummy bears and a lemon. A lemon? That's what I thought. As seen above, apparently "Dave" thought it would be a smart strategy to hand out something unique to help people remember his name. It worked though because I voted for him.
After voting I got to wear a sticker that said "I've Voted!" I was pretty proud of myself for it.
I'll let you know if anyone great wins!

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