Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Lovely London Valentine's

(Above are some of the pictures I have taken over the past few days, I thought it would be easier to put in into a slide show rather than post them each individually. Hope you like it.)

We spent last weekend in London celebrating Tessa's 21st birthday and Valentine's Day. It was so much fun, out best weekend so far.
We arrived on Friday afternoon and met up for lunch at this adorable little Italian restaurant right next to the Victoria Station bus stop. We were really lucky because Laura has a family friend that let us stay in their darling, little flat with them for the weekend. I can't tell you how much I loved this house, it was everything I imagined a little British apartment would be, elegant and classy.
On Friday night we went to the premiere of the movie "Valentine's Day", it didn't get great reviews, but i LOVED it. By the end we were all crying, missing our boyfriends back home haha. The cast of the film was amazing as well, there was at least 10 big names.
Saturday morning we slept in and let ourselves rest for the crazy night ahead of us. We had lunch at the coolest Whole Foods on the planet. It was great to eat some familiar foods. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. I can't even begin to explain to you how incredible the shopping is in London. You can only imagine. We walked up and down Oxford street taking in as much as we could. It didn't even matter that we hardly bought anything because we were just so happy to be shopping in such fantastic stores.
There was only one MAJOR downside to our shopping trip... the WC, or lack there of (in case you didn't read my earlier post on British terminology, that means bathroom). No matter where we went we could not find a bathroom. We were literally running from store to store trying not to pee our pants. And when we did finally find a McDonald's, their pipes were broken. It was very frustrating. Eventually we found a department store that let us use their restrooms and we felt a lot better. In the U.K. it's almost impossible to find a bathroom, and the worst part of it is, when you do find a rare restroom, you have to PAY! Yeah, 20 pence. It sounds crazy I know, now I know where the idea for the musical "Urine Town" came from.
Anyways, onto a more attractive topic..
That evening we all sat around and had wine and cheese while we got ready for our night. We went to dinner around 21:00 and got completely spoiled by the waiters. First of all, because it was Tessa's birthday, we got a table right away rather than having to wait the 2 hours like all the other costumers. We also got treated to 2 free drinks and a free entree. We were loving life. After dinner we met up with more of our American friends and headed over to our main event. For weeks we had been planning on celebrating Tessa's power hour at the Absolute Ice Bar.

The Ice Bar is a bar basically built inside an enormous refrigerator. When you enter you are given a cloak and gloves (as seen in the above slide show). The room is freezing cold and everything in it is made of ice. I felt like I was in the Chronicles of Narnia movie. The walls are made of ice along with the bars, chairs and cups. We each received one free drink that you sipped right out of an ice cube. I have never seen anything like this place before, it was quite the experience.
Eventually we got pretty cold and decided it was time to head somewhere else so we started walking down the street. We were in Piccadilly Square which is basically like a mini Time Square. It has big lights and the whole street is lit up with neon advertisements. We made our way to a place called the Red Bar, obviously we like themes, because this whole place was red, top to bottom. It was a lot of fun, in the basement they had a DJ playing techno remixes of Michael Jackson songs so we danced for at least an hour.
The next morning we woke up early because half of the girls had to make it on an early bus. Tessa, Katie and I stayed in London for the day and headed over to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was beautiful, I will post a video of the bells ringing for you to hear.
After wandering around London for a few hours we had birthday dinner and got back on the bus to head back home. We all slept the entire bus ride home because we were so exhausted from our long weekend. Sad that it's over, but Thursday night we are headed to Dublin, Ireland so I will keep you posted.


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