Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sick Girl

It was bound to happen, between the cold, wet weather, jet lag, and new diet, I had to get sick eventually. Sure enough, here I am sitting in my bed that I haven't moved from in 36 hours. I'm pretty sure that every illness known to man is inside my body right now. I currently have a fever, sore throat and ears, stuffy nose, chills, bad headache, and a stomach ache.
What can you do though right? Actually I'm feeling pretty lucky that my body chose this week to be sick. It's almost the only free weekend I have over the next 3 months. I spent all week thinking, what am I going to do this weekend? Lucky I didn't make big plans. I can hardly get out of bed right now. But thank goodness for modern medicine and friends. Without those 2 things I don't know how I would be surviving right now.

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