Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have never really been one to get way hungry. I can, and I do, always eat when I am home but I never feel deprived of food. Here it is the other way around completely. I constantly feel starving here. I have a meal plan that allows me to eat breakfast and dinner at the dining hall. Breakfast is basically cereal and toast for me. They offer "hot" items such as bacon and sausage but they seem to be pure fat and my weak stomach can handle that. Also, strangely enough, they serve Spaghetti O's (knows as Spaghetti Hoops here) in the morning. Apparently they do this because it's cheaper than beans, which I think is also a random, and weird choice for breakfast.
I actually really like the dinner here. We are only given 2 choices every night, usually it's a red meat or fish or chicken. I love the chicken here. Last night we had sweet and sour chicken, I had it without the sauce and dipped it in ketchup. It tasted like McDonald's chicken nuggets. With the meat we are given potatoes. Every night we have some form of them, crisps, mashed, waffles, baked, you name it, we have it. I think after this trip I will never want to eat a potato again.
There is usually not a salad or fruit to my disappointment, but there are however, desserts. I love them. Last night we had apple pie, it was okay but I wasn't a huge fan. I like the chocolate cake or the ice cream.
Dinner sounds great huh? The only problem is we aren't given lunch, and that seems to be the time of day when I am hungriest. Around lunch time I am usually on campus, there are a few places to eat there, they just all seem expensive to me. I try to spend as little as I can on food but I always leave feeling hungry. On days when I just don't care and decide to eat whatever I get the peperoni pizza panini (shown above). It's like a healthier version of my favorite food, PIZZA!
By the way, pizza here is expensive. Like 20 pounds for a large, that's like 35 American dollars. Crazy huh?

Well that's just a look at my diet for the next 4 months.
Bon Appetit.

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