Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Starving..

Thought I would get used to the food after a month and a half but nope, I'm still starving. The dining hall that used to serve ok dinners has become lazy and now they just re-heat whatever lard they can find in the kitchen and stir it up. This entire week I have left the dining hall feeling either sick or empty.
Last night for example they gave us each an ice cream scoop of tuna, but it looked and tasted more like cat food. It was dark brown and mushed up so finely it had the texture of mashed potatoes. The 'mystery juice' they give us seems to be watered down emergen-c.
I know this seems bad but that's not even half of it. First of all, when you walk into the dining hall you grab a trey, silverware and a glass, seems normal except for the fact that you honestly have to hunt to find clean utensils. Apparently the dishwasher is broken because there are still bits of food left behind from the last nights meals, who knows what other germs are on there (and they wonder why illnesses spread so fast around this campus).
Then you go through the line and grab whatever they have cooked up for the night. I am known as 'the girl who asks questions' because the food is so unusual I have to ask what everything is each night.
We may have jinxed ourselves a little when it come to this next bit of information, but still, this is not normal. A week or so ago, Tessa was joking about the food in the dining hall and said we should start counting how many hairs we can find in our food each night. It may just be that we have become more aware of it, but I am convinced that an evil cook must have overheard her remark because since then we have found multiple, each night, in all of our dishes.
Anyways, the point I am getting at is this, food here is not good. No matter how you dress it up or force it down. True story, I have eaten 2 entire jars of peanut butter in the last week and a half, that's how hungry I am. Unfortunately I ran out of bread tonight so I have been taking it by the spoonful. That's how I thought to write this to you. Now next time someone back home isn't eating their food you can remind them that there is a starving Annie in England who would be happy to have it.

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