Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tut Tut!

I have now been here in England for 31 days, and on all 31 of those days it has rained. Multiple times a day.
Today I unfortunately forgot my umbrella. I spent my 2 hours on campus running from building to building just to stay covered. I really don't mind the rain at all usually, it's a lot better than the wind, but today was NOT rain. It looked like snow, but it wasn't, just cold, wet, slush falling from the sky. I was completely drenched, by the time I made it to class I literally had to ring out my scarf because it was sopping.
However, I will say that I would prefer this gloomy weather over the ice and snow in Logan any day. I'm so glad I chose this semester to be away so I could skip miserable January and February.

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