Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Rain boots right? Wrong! Apparently, the correct name for the shoes shown above is "Wellies". Yeah I didn't know either.
Last week we went to the mall on a very rainy day. We were on a mission, in search of rain boots to keep us dry and warm. Considering it rains multiple times in a day here, rain boots are a necessity. Tessa and Katie both desperately needed to purchase some, so we went from store to store trying to find some that were attractive and cheap. Easy you would think considering we are in the wettest place on earth.. That wasn't the case. People here are all about their looks as I told you before, they would not be seen in rubber boots no matter how practical they are. So we searched for a while and when we were beginning to get tired we, fortunately, stumbled into a store that had just what we needed.
The girls went to the counter and asked a salesman if they could please try on a pair of the rain boots displayed in the window. The man looked at them as if they were crazy! "What did you call them?" he asked. "Ummmm rain boots" they replied as they pointed to the pair they wanted. The man began to laugh and said "Oh! you mean the wellies?"
"What!!?? yeah I guess so.. Wellies?"
While the girls were trying on their boots I realized that everyone was staring at us. Apparently, after grabbing shoes sizes the salesman had proceeded to tell all the other employees and costumers that we called their wellies "rain boots!"
Where had we ever come up with such a silly name? You mean besides that fact that it's completely self explanatory.
By the end of the trip the whole thing had become a big joke. We still love to laugh about our wellies!

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