Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Wicked Weekend

This is the slide show of the pictures we took over the weekend in London. Wicked was absolutely amazing! The girl who played Elphaba was the best I have ever seen. The British accents made the show extra magical. After the show we went to a piano bar to sing and dance as always. It was a wonderful night.

Early the next morning we left to wander around London. We had lunch at whole Foods before making our way to Abbey Road. We were all feeling musical from watching Wicked the night before so we sang the whole way there. Unfortunately we got a little lost on the way so it took us a long time to find it. After walking in a giant circle we ended up almost exactly back where we started and realised it was there all along. But it was a fun adventure and good exercise.
Abbey Road was exactly what we thought it would be, tons of tourists running back and forth on this street trying to avoid being hit by honking, frustrated cars.

We spent the night on Oxford street and ate dinner at Trafalger Square. Most of the Tube lines were down and the streets were packed too. I have never seen such crazy traffic before.

It was a perfect weekend! By the end we were exhausted and slept the whole bus ride home.

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