Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Crew

SB10 (better known as Easter Holiday) is going to be epic. I really think that this is going to be the best 6 weeks that I will ever have in my entire life. And I am spending it with the funnest, craziest, coolest, nicest, people in the world. I can't wait. I thought I would let you bloggers know a little about my "Leicester family" and the kids I am backpacking through Europe with.. You should know beforehand that whenever we travel we try to be as ridiculous as we can so from day one we have all created these alter-egos for ourselves with new names that we introduce ourselves as when we meet new friends on our adventures. I'm sure all of you who know me really well already know I always call myself Chyna when it comes to fake names so obviously, that's what I go by over here too. Here is a profile of each of us and a little inside on our lives.

D'Qwell [Adam]
-Cleveland, Ohio
-Kent State. Psychology

The "dad" of the family, DQ is both the oldest and obviously, most mature of all of us. He always has to keep an eye on us and protect us from the dangers of the UK (mostly moving vehicles).
DQ can often be found watching YouTube videos in his room or taking late night walks to ASDA.

Georgina [Erin]
-Athens, Georgia
-UGA. Risk Management Insurance

Georgina uses her knowledge of common injuries and everyday risks to keep us all safe and sound. She is our planner and navigator who always keeps us on track. We would be lost without her.

Summer [Corynne]
-Long Beach, California
-CSU Long Beach. Psychology

Sum Sum's name completely describes her personality. Happy, bright Summer loves to spend her time singing and learning new things.She can often be found listening to music from the 80's.

Brodie [Matt]
-Baton Rouge, Louisiana
-Louisiana State University. Mechanical Engineer

Brodie is the comedian of our crew. Always bringing comic relief to stressful situations. He acts as the silly older brother in our family. He is often found practicing his British accent in front of the mirror or supporting his favorite football teams.

Ciara [Katie]
-Monument, Colorado
-Colorado State University. Communications

Cute Ciara is the easy going girl who always has fun. She has a huge heart and always makes everyone around her feel great! She is a great brick breaker player and recently made it to level 23. Congrats Ciara!

Farrah [Tessa]
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Colorado State University. Psychology

Farrah was given her name because she is identical to the MTV star of "Teen Mom", Farrah. She is often mistaken for her and asked for autographs. She has a very contagious laugh, it's impossible to be unhappy when she is around.

Roxy [Kaitley]
-Watseka, Illinois
-Illinois State University. Sociology

Roxy is the sweetheart. A great friend who can put a smile on anyone's face. She may come across as a little innocent girl, but watch out! She recently won a bottle of champagne in a sexy dance contest.

Chyna [Annie]
-Salt Lake City, Utah
-Utah State University. Liberal Arts

The baby of the group who will be the only one returning to the states still a teenager. I spend my time making dolphin noises and dancing around in constant search for candy.

That's basically our Crew in a nut shell. Can't wait for these next 6 weeks!!

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