Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Love School!

Today in my American Studies class I had to give a presentation on the freedoms Americans sacrificed during World War I. I was very surprised to see how much information I remembered from my AP American class I took junior year of high school. The presentation went wonderfully and it was actually a lot of fun. Classes here are organized so you go to a lecture once or twice a week and then you go to a seminar every other week where you are with a different teacher and only about 10 students. I love my seminar. The kids in it are so friendly because they are all American Studies majors so they love Americans. Normally I'm not one to speak up and voice my opinion about American government and politics and what not, but today everyone just wanted to hear things from the American's point of view. Luckily I knew a little about the subject. It was a great day at school.

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