Friday, March 19, 2010

Proud To Be Irish!

I have never been so proud to be Irish as I did last Wednesday on St. Patrick's Day. I said it before when I blogged about my visit to Ireland, but I don't think there is another group of people on this planet who are as much fun as the Irish. We spent the great holiday in Birmingham because we heard it was the place to be.. Apparently we missed the celebration that had taken place the weekend before, but Wednesday was still a big party. We were staying in the "Irish" part of town so there were various pubs every few feet. We basically just spent the night bar hopping. There was great live music everywhere we went so we danced the night away. We even learned a few Irish jigs. Irish people are so friendly, everyone was so welcoming and kind to us. We made friends with lots of different people. Everyone was very impressed by our crazy outfits and eyelashes!

Here is a clip of the Irish dancers..

and my new favorite songs..

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