Friday, March 12, 2010

So Close

So, study abroad students at Leicester Uni are not required to take exams because we will already be back home by the time they have their finals week. So, instead we just write papers.. I am determined to finish all of mine by next Tuesday so that I will be homework free before leaving for Birmingham on St. Patrick's day Wednesday. Basically that means that I am 2 and a half papers away from summer vacation. As soon as my papers are completed and handed in, I no longer have to attend classes. Our official Easter Break starts on the 26th but I have to be done before then because I am spending the weekend before in Scotland. So wish me luck on my next few days of power writing.. I have already done 3 this week so I think I should be fine, but still. Once I am done then we will be on the road again. Spending all of April on a 5 week backpacking trip through Europe. I can't wait!

This is what I look like when I am tired. (Or unable to focus on school work because my head is sooo excited that I am in Europe). Yep, I live here, but I am still on vacation mode.

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