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Sorry to everyone for the long wait between my posts. I have definitely just had the most amazing past 2 weeks of my life. I spent the last 13 days in Italy and I fell completely in love with the country. I was with my Leicester tour group for a week in Rome and I had so much fun. After the tour ended I met up with some friends and we jumped on a train to Venice. For any of you who have been there, why didn’t anyone tell me how incredible it is?? And for everyone who has not seen it, YOU HAVE TO GO!! I am already dying to go back. Craziest city in the world. You get around completely by boat obviously, and its so much fun. I honestly felt like I was on another planet. I can’t explain how peaceful and stress free Italy is. Everyone is so kind and helpful.

I ate pizza and gelato for every single meal and never once got sick of it. You will be proud to know that I tasted 13 different flavors in 1 day! And I loved them all. Italian food is my kinda food.

While in Venice we went on a gondola ride and had the cutest little driver. I took a lot of videos so be sure to watch out for them. It was great to go island hoping, every morning we would just get on a boat and try somewhere new. We spent time wandering around towns, hanging out on the beaches and even played basketball with some locals. On our last day we went to the island, Murano which is famous for its glass blowing studios. I was very excited about it.

Many of you are probably wondering how I handled the notorious Venetian pigeons, answer… horribly! In case you weren’t aware, I have a bird phobia. It’s weird I know, but I have just always been scared of them, something about them makes me feel like I might vomit. So while in Venice we had to go to the famous St. Marcus Square (the place you see in movies with thousands of pigeons flying around). Well I thought I could handle it, and I stayed clam for a while but eventually it got to me and I had a mini panic attack. Basically, I ran out of the square bawling. Haha. But other than that, Venice was great!!

Sadly, after 3 wonderful days we left Venice and headed to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. We spent at least an hour having a photo shoot there, along with a million other tourists, and then headed to Florence.

Florence was different than I had expected, we only had one day so we mostly wandered around trying to take in as much as we could.

The train rides between these cities were awesome. It gave us a chance to see beautiful Tuscany. We got a little excited about with our Venecian masks.

I thought that after 13 days I would be totally ready to leave Italy, but I was very sad to say good bye. It is a place I will definitely return to someday. Many thanks to the Italians who welcomed us to their cities. Next goal in life = learn Italian.

We spent last night in the Rome airport trying to sleep on the cold marble floor before we jumped on our plane to Athens. Greece is beyond beautiful. I have only been here for about 24 hours but I already love it. I am currently writing this from a ferry that I have been on for the last 9 hours heading to Santorini. This is the way to travel! This morning we watched the sun rise over Athens and tonight I get to see it set over the islands. It’s beyond what I imagined.

I have about 1000 pictures uploaded from these last few weeks that are finally ready to post. Just look at my face book albums to see them, they should be open to everyone. When I have time I will make a video for the blog.

I love and miss you all! Feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear about everything going on back home!


Stay tuned for posts about my Greek adventures.
xx Anners

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