Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello everyone. Greece is fabulous.
Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life, this is why..

We woke up in the morning and jumped in a bus that took us to the port where we boarded a glass bottom boat. The floor was made of glass so when we looked down we could see the fish swimming in the water below us. The boat dropped us off at a volcano that we hiked up to the top where we could see other volcanoes around us. After the hike the boat took us further into the Aegean Sea where we jumped into the ocean and swam over to a hot springs at the base of a different island. The island was completely deserted except for goats that lived on the grass hills. The jump from the boat into the freezing ocean water was such a shock. We were swimming our little hearts out to get to the warm water. After re-boarding the boat we sailed over to a third island where there were donkeys waiting for us at the base of the hill. I was so excited to ride a donkey!! What could be more Greek than that right?? I named my donkey Kostos after the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants books. He was a great donkey. It was amazing, the donkey owner just yelled at them in Greek and they ran up the mountain, they just knew what to do and where to go. Good old Kostos was the leader of the pack. I made a great jokey, just so you all know. Once we reached the top of the mountain there was an adorable little man who had prepared us a delicious traditional Greek meal. It was the best food I have had in Europe. We headed back down the mountain and the boat sailed us over to the main island in Santorini, Theira. From there we shopped around and saw the beautiful little blue and white churches. We stood at the very end of the island and watched the sun set into the Aegean Sea.

Like I said, BEST DAY EVER.
I think I might just stay here forever.

(pics on the way)


  1. I love you and Love SIsterhood of the Traveling pants!
    i really miss you come home soon
    Race for the cure is in a few weeks
    and you won't be here :(
    love you
    ps. every time i think of you i think of "hello good morning good day annie grace jackson is away at the sound of the town speak into the phone and say what you've got to say... good day!"
    miss you!

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