Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank You's

I am sorry to everyone for the long delay in my blog posting. I have not had a second of free time in the last 7 weeks. The places I have been, things I have seen and people I have met have been beyond amazing. There aren't enough words in the world to explain how much I have loved my time abroad. It's completely bitter sweet to pack my bags and think about heading home on Saturday, but all good things come to an end right?? The way I see it, this was just the beginning of my travels. Now that i am hooked, I'm determined to see the world.

I recently had a friend of mine who studied with me in Leicester send me this thank you note and I thought it described perfectly the way my friends and I are all feeling about the last 4 months of our lives..

"The time is drawing near for me to leave Leicester. I have just returned from five weeks in Europe. People had told me it changes you, trips like that, but i only in part believed them. After finally resting after going for so long i have little better to do then look back on what just happened to me.
I have realized that, yes, something has changed, i feel more alive than i have in a long time. I have seen wonderful beautiful things. I've been amazed by how clear the Agean Sea is, the crushing depression that surrounds a concentration camp even today, Prague black light theater (which in its self was too bizarre for words), the way that people come together when a volcano traps you in, the feeling of community that is the city of Amsterdam, and the utter Joie de vivre of Barcelona.
I have had too many wonderful experiences to count, like having a great lunch with better people on top of an island in Greece, making new friends that feel like you've known forever, making friends that you will never see again but for one lovely moment in a city, seeing Prague from the highest point after a steep uphill climb, sitting in a Barcelona park surrounded by drummers and indians, acrobats and dancers, finding a beer cave in a Brussels ally, finding out what Turkish coffee really is, and even just sitting on the beach of Santorini all day.
I extend my most sincere thanks to all of you that have done this with me because this time would have meant nothing without you all. To the ones i traveled with, to the people we spent the days with, and even to the people who's names i never learned. I owe so much joy to you all and i hope that you all keep that with you.
I normally don't take to "blogging" things and i wish that i could send you all this in a letter instead of a little bit lame facebook note, but c'est la vie.
thank you kindly all."

-Laura Dore

I'm really going to miss Leicester.

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