Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back In The 435

Although I do spend a lot of my time reflecting on my trip in this blog I just wanted to point out that I am back in Logan living the dream at USU again. It may not be Europe but I am still very happy. Plus it's nice to know I will go back to Europe soon (hopefully sooner rather than later.. hint, hint parents) ha ha.
Anyways.. I have been home for 4 months now, crazy huh?? Here are a few major events that have taken place in that time...

1. I turned 20!

2. Moved into my first house

3. Got to go back to working at Spoon Me

4. Almost got attacked by moose while camping

5. Went to the pool.. A lot!

6. Visited Tess in colorful Colorado

7. Returned to my birth place

8. Traveled with the fam to Chicago

9. and Michigan to watch my beautiful cousin Nicole get married

10. Had a reunion while we were there

11. Went to a bunch of amazing concerts

12. Saw The Lion King again

13. Reunited with some old best friends

14. Sent Jaxon off to play in Montana

15. Utah State actually won a legit football game

16. Spent labor day in Vegas

17. Started my junior year of school (this is a picture of us at BINGO where I almost won a TV)

18. Declared a major I LOVE! (it’s public relations btw)

19. Sent Katie off to Iraq :( miss you girl

20. Watched Dana & Cori get married

21. And partied it up with my beautiful friends.

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