Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Nice To Be In Nice

The title says it all. It was very nice to be in Nice (pronounced niece). Nice is a town in Southern France right on the beach. We decided to visit there because I had remembered learning about what a popular vacation spot it was way back in my junior high french class.
The place we stayed at in Nice was by far the best hostel we found for the entire trip. We had 2 bedrooms to share between the 5 of us. Every morning they had a coffee, tea and cereal bar set up for us and every night they prepared us a delicious dinner such as steak, pasta, ribs, salmon, pizza etc. We were living like royalty at this place. If anyone reading this ever visits Nice, STAY THERE!!!

During our time there we also were able to visit Monaco which is a French territory also on the coast. It's famous for it's ritzy hotel the Monte Carlo.

What a "Nice" beach!

Matt holding our million train tickets.

They are EVERYWHERE in France.

The Monte Carlo

We loved it.

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  1. nice is one of my favorite places! sorry that i'm stalking your euro pictures...missing it right now.


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