Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Old friends and new homes

This post is dedicated to my new roomies starting NEXT MONTH! (oh yeah, i'm moving!! yay!!)

So I am very excited because I am going to be moving in with one of my very best friends in the whole wide world, Mason Clark. I met Mase when I was 12 years old in Mrs. McDonalds 7th grade English class. We became friends because we were the only two catholic kids in the class. Mason was popular because he had gone to elementary school in the area and I was a Salt Lake district new kid who had transferred with only a few friends. Mason and his friends were very intimidating and I was terrified to talk to them but eventually we became best friends. High school we formed a crew, it was basically the few of us who were not Mormon in our high school, not that it was bad we just had more in common with each other. And we all went to the dances together and spent senior year rotating dates. Mason was my date to senior prom! (picture below) Anyways, after graduation we both decided to go to Utah State and thank god I have had Mason here. He has seriously been like a brother to me. He has changed tires for me, let me borrow his car and accompanied me on many trips to and from Salt Lake. Don't know what I would do without him! Love ya Meezy!

Next up, Miss Blair Karren. Blair and I went to high school together and should have been best friends but for some reason we just never knew each other. We both had boyfriends and our crowds just never mixed but when we came to USU we were instantly friends. She lived in the same dorm as I did but on the floor above so we were together a lot of the time. We pretty much spent freshman year permanently hyper. We had lots of classes together and became the 2 girls that the teachers loved and hated at the same time. (jk we were little angles). Last year before I moved to Europe, Blair and I shared a room in the dorms again and it was great! She and I have always had so much fun together which is the main reason that I can't wait to live with her again next semester. It is thanks to Blair that I first started this blog (side note) She taught me everything I know and got me totally hooked. She has an amazing blog that you should all go check out :) She and her cute boyfriend Cruz are both going to be living with me in my new house and I can't wait!! Love you Blair Kar! and you too Cruz!!

i have more wonderful people that I am moving in with but I will have to tell you about them later because it is time for bed! night!


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