Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crazy Christmas Countdown

Alright everyone, the fact that you are reading my blog must mean you are somewhat interested in all the fun and exciting things that are going on in my lovely life. (I won't lie, Logan in December is about the LEAST exciting place to be) but the semester is almost over and let me tell you, it couldn't come any sooner! Here is a little countdown to all the great things happening in my future..

1. Thursday December 9th (aka tomorrow): I will be done with all my classes! This has been an awesome semester, I have really enjoyed all the classes I am in but let's be honest, it is going to be soooo nice to have a break from school!!

2. December 13th - 17th: FINALS WEEK!! Sucky, i know, but it has to be done.

3. Home on the 16th! and fly to Arizona on the 17th!

4. on December 17th: I FINALLY get to watch this crazy kid play basketball again! Montana State Billings just happens to have a tournament in Phoenix while I am there! Perfect timing right?? It's going to be great! Everyone cheer for MSUB. (btw Jaxon is going to kill me for putting the picture with his face mask on ha! oh well!)

5. Also on December 17th: FAB FOUR REUNION!!! I'm so excited because I get to see my 3 best friends from study abroad! Tessa, Corynne and Katie! We are all going to Arizona for a week to catch up and finally be together again! I haven't seen Corynne or Katie since I was in Europe so it will be very exciting! I can't wait!! I love these girls.

6. December 18th: Grandma Murphy's 82nd birthday!! Shhhh don't tell her we are coming to visit, it's a surprise!!

7. December 21st: Fly home. This is crunch time people! A rush to finish last minute Christmas shopping, decorating and getting in the Christmas spirit!!

8. December 25. Christmas!!!!!!!! Best day of the year!

9. Also on December 25th: Adam comes!! Yep, my cousin Adam is coming all the way from Michigan to visit us! He's staying for a week to hopefully board all of the Wasatch Front. It's true ladies, Adam, and his friend are single and ready to mingle. Anyone interested can leave phone numbers on the bottom of this post! ha! This is a big deal in the Jackson household because I'm pretty sure the last time Adam came to visit I was about 7 years old. So obviously it's very exciting! (side note: this is a picture of Adam with cute little Mira because I really don't have any others ha. Guess we'll have to fix that!)

10. I plan to spend any time that isn't booked up with my family and friends!
It's going to be a great Christmas break!!

Happy Holidays!


  1. ahh cute post doll! hope things are going well!!

  2. thank you!!! i miss you! i stalk your blog everyday!! ha love you!


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