Wednesday, December 15, 2010

best face ever

Beautiful right??

ha ha there is a long story behind this photo but to sum it up, this is my most excited face.

Tessa took this picture of me about 5 minutes before Jaxon and James walked out of the plane when they landed in London. I hadn't seen them in over 4 months so I was very, very excited! When Tessa told me I should document how excited I was I told her to take a picture of me doing this face. It turned out very pretty don't you think! ha just kidding! I look like a crazy person. Anyways, there is a reason I decided to post this picture tonight. Today I finished 2 finals and I felt really good about them. I only have one left to take on Thursday and then it's CHRISTMAS BREAK! which is obviously very exciting. I think it's big enough news to make a face like this. So I decided to post it so you could all share in my excitement. Yay for christmas! And yay for a break from school!! ciao!

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