Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love this picture.


  1. 1- Annie what an adorable blog!
    2- Thanks for telling me about it. I loved reading of your europe adventures. I too loved documenting mine! Blogging is GREAT for that.
    3- Every post and photo made me want to be back there -NOW- (right now). You really got to see sooo much.
    4- I think we feel the exact same about traveling and living abroad (out of utah)... obsessed!

  2. hahaha we really need to be friends! I need more people in my life that I can talk about Europe with! I'm so glad you read my blog!! When are you girls leaving on your trip? I'm so jealous! I am dying to go back!!

  3. Don't you worry! I currently have a paper chain with 51 links on it... all waiting to be ripped off. Haha. I used to post on my euro blog! My friends always read about my travels and adventures. I added the link of your blog in case they want to read of other's adventures! So I hope you don't mind if a few stalkers look at your old posts and photos. Great reads! They are nice/cute/fun/great stalkers :)

    .....oh that life***

  4. haha oh good i'm glad! I don't mind at all, that's why i made it. :)


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