Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So for Jaxon's birthday weekend I went to visit him in Billings.
He knew that I was coming for the weekend but I decided to fly in a day early and surprise him at his basketball game Thursday night. It was the best surprise ever. The boys had to be to the gym an hour and a half early so it worked out perfectly for Ellee and the girls to come pick me up at the airport. We ran home to get ready then headed to the game. It was so cute. All the boys were warming up when we walked in and Jaxon freaked out. As soon as he saw me his jaw dropped. He started running in circles with a huge smile on his face. After that he was clearly trying to show off. Shooting 3s and yelling at all the guys. It was so funny!

Cutest girls in the world!

My favorites.

just cheering.

love him.

This is Ellee. She is such a sweetheart & I love her to death. Surprising Jax was her idea. Smart girl right??

After the game we all hung out and had a little party. I was so happy to be back in Billings.



The rest of the weekend was filled with more basketball, a birthday party for Jaxon, a bunch of pictures and lots of pizza and wings.


jackets super fans.



dinner dates.

alissa, the cutest girl ever.

It was a great trip & I was so sad to leave. I can not wait to go visit again.

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