Monday, January 3, 2011

Emmet Berenice Jackson

Happy Birthday to my little sisterrrr!

So on January 1st, 1993 (yes, new years day) I became a big sister to this little creature. ^
Sad thing was, it was the snowiest day of the year and no one could make it to the hospital to visit little Emma, including the photographer so we have basically zero pictures of her as a newborn baby. This is a sad story for most people and Emma often complains about the lack of documentation we have of her newborn existence in our house, but to me, the big sister, it presented a great opportunity to tell Emma that she was adopted as a child. Even though she looks just like my mom I was still able to convince her that they were not truly blood related.
And trust me, to this day if I bring it up, Emma will be sure to get upset.
However, she really is my sister and the direct offspring of both my parents.
(But don't let her know that.)

Em and I have been "besties" since that snowy, new years day, 18 years ago. Even though I thought her name was Emmet for the first year of her life. (Another touchy subject for her.)

This is a big year for Emma bj. Senior in high school, ready to graduate and now a true adult. Yay! She can legally vote, smoke (but not buy cigs.) and purchase DRY ICE! Ohh the possibilities!

Congrats Sissy!

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