Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jeffrey Jaxon Myaer

Happy Birthday to my very best friend and boyfriend, Jaxon!

Today Jax is 22 and I hope that it's the best year ever for him.
Last weekend I spent a few days in Billings, Montana visiting Jaxon and his awesome friends. It was such a blast and I am very eager to go back asap.

Some fun facts about the birthday boy:
1. He doesn't like cake. Lame right?? What's a birthday without cake?
2. He is VERY color blind. I'm not very informed on the extent of color blindness and I don't really know if there are different degrees of it, but if there are, then Jax is the worst.
3. He likes basketball. Even though he has probably spent the majority of his life on a court, he never seems to be sick of it.
4. He hates it when I take his picture. But he has to suck it up because in the year and a half that he has known me I have taken thousands.
5. He also REALLY hates when I blog about him. So this post may end up getting deleted ha. jk. But he won't be happy about it. But come on, how could I not give him a b-day shout out??

Anyways, love you J! And I hope your day is spectacular.

My Billings pictures are soon to come so stay posted. They are great, you won't want to miss them.

1 comment:

  1. boys are so funny about that, bradley is the same way. hates pics, hates facebook. funny funny. love your blog ann!


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