Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tesser Mandalla-Dalla-Bills!

This is Tessa, she is my BFFEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAE. That stands for best friend forever and ever and ever and ever etc. you get the point. Anyways, she and her adorable best friend, Kelly are coming to visit me in a few weeks so I decided to dedicate this post to her.

Tess and I have had more adventures together than I have with anyone else, ever. We lived together in Leicester and became best friends living in the same house, High Grove.

This is a picture of us from this summer when I went to visit Tessa in Colorado where she goes to school.
I can't wait to see her! We had the best semester ever when we were in Europe.. Here's some pictures to prove it:

This is A picture we took in Barcelona, Spain after we rode around the city on Go Cars.

We went to Amsterdam together when the boys came to visit, that was a great time.

In London we went on "The London Eye" which is a giant Farris wheel that overlooks the whole city.

In Santorini, Greece we rode on ATV's all around the island. I was too nervous to drive so I rode on the back of Tessa's.

While we were in Paris we had to stop by Euro-Disney. Obviously.

This is a picture we took in Venice. We were so excited to buy these masks, unfortunately mine broke later.

This is in the Louvre. Yes, we ALWAYS match.

The Eiffel Tower.

Just us being typical tourists outside of Parliament.

This is us in Monaco.

See, told you she's my bffeaeaeaeaeea!

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