Thursday, January 13, 2011

top three

Today in my news writing class we were asked to pair up with someone in the class and conduct and interview about the other person. It was a simple one page assignment just to warm us up to the class. The question we were asked was, "what makes you tick?" I love stuff like this. Who doesn't? So i really started to think about it. These are the top three things I came up with that I think really keep me going.. (excluding people of course).

(That's me in the ^ blue)
1. Dance. I used to dance a lot, and sure I may not have taken it as seriously as some of the other girls but for me it was always just something that I loved to do. There is still nothing that makes me feel as great as dancing. Even if it means just alone in my room.

2. Travel. This is a newer passion of mine. I have always loved a good family vacation and my parents have taken me some awesome places but I don't think I ever understood how amazing traveling was until I began exploring on my own. It's something I have just started doing independently, starting with my study abroad and I plan to continue traveling for the rest of my life. Or as long as my funds will allow.

3. Blogging-slash-documenting every second of my life. Sometimes I think it is so silly to keep a blog because who really cares about what random things I am doing in my life but honestly, this blog has become more like an open journal for me. This way I will be able to look back at all my posts later in life and remember how much finals weeks sucked, or how great Valentines Day in London was, or even how FREEZING cold Logan gets this time of year. Plus it's fun to know someone out there is reading it. And also, I just love to write. Hence the JCOM major. ha

To sum it up, life is good.

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