Monday, February 21, 2011

Carol. Fran. Reale.

This is my very best friend.
Her name is Caroline. And TODAY is her birthday!
She is my Hannah and I am her Lily. She's Blair and I'm Serena. She's Lena, I'm Bridget. And She's Samantha and I'm Carrie (obvi). Yes, we did spend a night going back and forth deciding which fictional best friends we were.
I love her so, so much. Wanna know why??
Because we have more fun together than any other friends in the whole world..
Here is some proof:

Here is the time that we were on the cover of Vogue Magazine. It's really not a big deal, they just wanted some hot girls to model for them. We were the obvious choice.

This is just a pic of us doing what we do best; being cool.

Here we are road tripping to colorful Colorado. This is typical.

Just making each other True Aggies. You can tell I wear the pants in the relationship thanks to my enormous muscles.

There was a period of about 3 weeks when we were homeless together. It was hard on us, but we pulled through.

Once we went to this really cool concert.

Sometimes we try extra hard to look cute.

Like when we raid boys closets.

We fell asleep on this bench when we were homeless.

Ohh and this is after we got done going down those class 5 rapids.
Good times.

Carol's sister helped us in the construction of these beautiful hats. You can call us Jean Elves if you want.

Just us on a normal day with the ladies.

Carol and Grandmother Ann.

Best Friends.

Like I said, most fun ever!

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