Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fashion 411

Soooo a few nights ago I was watching the TV show "What Not To Wear" and I woke up the next morning convinced that I was Stacey London. Ever sense then I have found myself noticing more and more how poorly people in Logan dress sometimes. There are a million different examples but this is the one I really felt the need to share given the season...

Attention silly girls of Logan. In case you forgot, this is a reminder that no matter how much you hate it, it is in fact still winter here. What does that mean you may ask?? Well usually, "winter" implies that temperatures are very low, sometimes even in the negatives. It also means that little white things will occasionally fall from the sky, that is called snow. When this happens you need to leave certain items at home. Some of these include:

and these.

Yes, they might be cute but let's be honest, it's completely impractical! And frankly, it is painful for the rest of us to watch you freeze to death. I'm sorry if you are mad at me for stating this information but please ladies, spring will be here soon enough and you can strut around as much as you would like then.
We don't want you catching pneumonia or braking your little ankles on the ice.


  1. I LOVE What Not to Wear! I agree so much. Also, what about the girls who give up in winter and wear a messy bun/bird's nest on top of their head along with sweats a size too big and uggs? Can't forget them.

  2. Annika I love you!! Can we please hang out soon!?

  3. haha love this. and yes, your friend Annika is completely correct.

  4. LAURA!! let's hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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