Thursday, February 17, 2011

last night.

Last night was a crazy night! We all decided to go out to dinner for Mason's birthday so about 15 of us headed to Chili's despite the blizzard of a snow storm we had going on in Logan. The food was alright and the company was awesome. I, of course, took the role of the annoying girl who requested that the waiter serve Mase all his drinks in the "pimp cup" we made for him. I'm sure the whole restaurant was wishing we weren't there thanks to our loud singing of "happy birthday".
After dinner we headed back to the house to celebrate Mason being 21 with an extra classy box of wine. It only took a few drinks to get us all singing and dancing. Blair and I had spent the afternoon blowing up a grand total of 72 balloons so the house was looking festive.

It had been snowing like crazy all night and I was convinced we were going to have a snow day today (no luck there). But our cute neighbor went outside and used his snow blower on driveway so I decided we needed to take him some brownies.

This was the outfit I decided to wear in the snow. Smart choice right?? Thank you Cruz for letting me borrow your enormous shoes.

It was a great night! I don't think Mason will ever forget his 21st birthday... Unless he already can't remember it... This is basically how the night ended:

Tomorrow is the 4th annual TOGA PARTY!!! I can't wait! If you are going to be in Logan tomorrow night you should definitely stop by! It's going to be great. If not, don't worry, I will be sure to tell you all about it on here.

Peace, love & summer (I'm praying for warm weather)

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