Monday, February 28, 2011

Life as I know it.

Lately I am just loving life.

I realized I haven't given you much of an Annie update lately so here it is, for everyone that has been wondering what I have been up to.

School: School is great. For the most part I am really enjoying my classes this semester, minus one VERY stressful law class. It has been giving me horrible anxiety but I have learned to treat it with a pint of coffee ice cream every now and then. Also it's always nice that I have ballet to look forward to. It's a great start to my day. Best class ever!

Work: Ah I really just love my job! I work with the sweetest people and it's such an awesome job. You would think that after a year and a half I would be really sick of it, and of course I occasionally have those days, but usually I find myself looking forward to serving up some yogurt.

Play: I spend a lot of my time doing crafts. As nerdy as this sounds, I sometimes just go to the craft store just to walk around it and get ideas. More and more I have realized that i can't just sit still and watch T.V. or chill at Spoon me. I have to be doing something. As I have told you before, my latest past time is knitting. Tonight I finished scarf #6 of the last 2 weeks. I love editing my pictures and I have been big on painting my nails this week. Right now they are purple but a few hours ago they were red. Judge me.

Friends&Fam: My friends are awesome! As you know, Tessa and Kelly drove all the way from Colorado to visit me this weekend. Carol is now 21! yay!! My roommates are the greatest people ever, and through them I have met so many awesome new friends! On Thursday I get to fly to Billings for Spring Break! I can't wait to see Jax!! He has been playing so well and he even got All-Conference!! Congrats J! And of course I am soo excited to see Ellee and Alissa! My family is doing awesome. A few weekends ago they came up to visit me and attend an Aggie game. We had a great time and I know they became even bigger fans of USU after watching our crazy student section.

That's basically everything that has been going on right now. Nothing too new but life is good.

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