Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Miss today..

So tonight I was looking through Tessa's facebook album from Italy and I discovered these little gems..
Anyone who doesn't know me will probably think I'm completely psycho and those of you who do know me will most likely laugh out loud after you see these. Love you all!

Just living the Italian life.

This is from the night we slept in the Roma airport.

This is a picture of me getting in my car. Sweet ride huh??

This was when I held a crab. That little man next to me gave him to me. Everyone else was too scared to touch them but I was loving it! I would have kept him if I could have.

I just bought this sweatshirt so I could match everyone else in Venice.

Tessa took this picture of me during my panic attack. this was right before I started crying. I HATE BIRDS!

Our first night in Venice this little old man gave me this beautiful lobster bib and some free strawberry wine. I still have the bib, major scrapbook material.

Annie = dramatic!

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