Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have amazing friends. I have been thinking about it lately and I really think I have the best friends ever. Yesterday I got to hang out with a few of them and it got me thinking about how many BEST friends I have. (Sorry for saying the word "best" so many times, there is just no other way to describe them). Ha!

My weekend started with a visit from Saranaz. Sar and I have known each other since the 7th grade. We were completely inseparable in high school, so much that we named ourselves "Sarann" because we were pretty much attached at the hip. After I moved away our relationship didn't change much, even though we see each other less whenever we get together it's like no time has passed. Over the weekend we got asked if we were sisters which pretty much made our night. We always have so much fun together. I love Sar and I know we will be friends forever.

After Sara left I spent the night with my two other best friends.
Caroline and I have been instant best friends since the day we met. We have lived together in 3 different places and I have never once been sick of her. She brings out the craziest side of me. Seriously when people see us together they think we are nuts. All my most out of control memories involve Carol. I love that woman.

Anna is my twin. We have almost the same name and we love all the same things. She is so cute and always looks like a princess. She is my very best married friend! Almost all of my married friends have kinda fallen off the face of the earth but not Anna. She has done a great job of still making time for me. I love her for it.
Summer 09 was the best summer ever, we decided this last night. It was the year that Anna, Caroline and I all lived together and we were all single and unemployed. We spent the summer doing totally immature, out of control things like toilet papering and riding around Logan in a limo. We thought we were just like the girls off Sex and the City. Every time the 3 of us hang out together now it feels like that summer all over again.

My roommates are amazing! We all went to high school together and we have a lot of fun reminiscing about our Eagle days. These kids are great because we are all very similar. I have so much fun hanging out at my house and I am really excited to be living here again next year.
Blair is my only girl roommate and she and I have to stick together so we aren't so outnumbered. She loves scrap booking and One Tree Hill as much as I do. I am so sad the she is moving back to Salt Lake next year.

Mason is my best guy friend in the world. We met in 7th grade English and have never stopped being friends. We first bonded because we are both catholic. We live in the same house and our rooms are right next to each other so we are always together. He is basically the brother I never had. We even fight like siblings. One day when I am old and married he will be the god father of my first child.

The fab four consists of me and my three very best friends from study abroad. Tessa, Corynne and Katie. These girls are all so much fun and when the 4 of us are all together things get crazy! I am so in love with these girls. Without them I don't know what I would have done living in Europe by myself. I really hope we stay friends forever. The most fun I have ever had has been with these girls.

Ellee and I only met this year but we were instant friends. She is like my long lost soul sister. Our boyfriends are best friends and play on the same team at MSUB. I love this girl and I'm so glad we met each other.

Katie is my military friend. She has been in Iraq for 7 months but she is coming home soon and I can't wait to see her! Very proud of this girl. I can't imagine being over in Iraq. Summer will be so much fun especially once she is back with us.

Last but not least, Jax. Jaxon is my very best friend in the whole world. He knows more about me than anyone. He thinks I am totally crazy but he still loves me anyways. We spend about a million minutes on the phone everyday because he lives so far away. Thankfully he will be back here this summer and I can not wait! Love this boy.

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