Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's true...

I love this picture. And I want that shirt. And the suit.

The countdown to summer has officially started people.
Only 6 more weeks.
46 days.
That's sooo crazy! This year has flown by.
I am only 3 papers, 1 stats test, 3 finals, multiple assignments and 1 ballet performance away from SWEET su

I do realize that I am a little ahead of the game on this post but come on, we don't have any more breaks left and I am sick of gloomy weather, so yes, I am officially excited for summer. Judge me.

I told Jaxon I was writing a blog about summer and asked him what
he was most excited for, his reply: V-necks.
What a lame thing to be excited for right? But I guess we all like different things. So V-necks it is.

What am I excited for?
sleeping in.
tan lines.
birthday parties.
being 21.
road trips.
the beach.
taking pictures.


  1. we both turn 21 this summer! huzzah!

  2. I know!!!! We need to party it up together!!! After 7/11 we are going crazy! ha


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