Thursday, March 10, 2011

My trip to Billings was so much fun, as always! I honestly think it was the fastest weekend of my life. It was very hard for me to fly back home.

I was going to post pictures but I took way too many so I decided to make a video instead. I hope you like it.

Some highlights of the trip:

1. Seeing my boyfriend
2. Celebrating Ellee's birthday!
3. Dancing at The West
4. Watching "Just Go With It"
5. Singing in the car
6. Cooking dinner
7. Spending 4 hours at the mall
8. Tosh.O
9. Watching basketball...always
10. Feathers in our hair

I can't believe I won't be back there again until next year!! I will miss you Billings.


  1. sad you have to be so far from your boy.

  2. I'm glad your spring break consisted of tosh.0 cause so did ours! haha it looks like it was a way fun trip!!


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