Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Britain

I always miss England but today I miss it more than usual.
I'm kinda obsessed with that country. I just keep wishing I was there. It's probably because I just saw the trailer for the King's Speech, one of my favorite movies ever, and of course it reminded me of Leicester and good old whoregrove.
Also I have spent all day working on the paper from hell. It made me think of Leicester Uni and the 45 pages I wrote to end the semester. My 6 page paper I am working on now does not even compare to all the time I spent on those but it is probably giving me just as much stress. I really miss the little things that make England different from the US, did you know that paper there is an inch longer than it is here. I thought that was so crazy when I first received my acceptance letter.
I am so excited for the Royal Wedding, I even have it marked on my calendar. I'm probably looking forward to it more than Kate and William are. I have already watched every special that TLC has on the royal family. I swear I'm not crazy, I just wish I was a princess.
Today it is raining outside, tut tut, every time it rains I pretend I'm in England. I swear it makes rain so much happier if you think of it like that. I miss strutting around in my rain coat and wellies, stomping in puddles and twirling my umbrella. I love the rain.
Most of all I miss my lovely friends. I have never had more fun with anyone in my life. I really hope I get to see them soon.


  1. i will be there a month from now!

  2. ahh you are so lucky shelb! you will never want to leave i swear.

  3. Anners,

    I have been feeling exactly the same way! Literally I can't go like 30 minutes without thinking about England and all of you! It makes me so sad I want to go back so bad :(. I miss you so much :(. And its been raining here like excessively too, which is super weird for Fort Collins, and everytime it does I miss my umbrella and my wellies. And you, of course.


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