Sunday, April 17, 2011

dear dad,

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. 52!!! (i think)
This is the second year in a row I haven't been able to celebrate my dad's birthday with him and I feel really sad about it. Last year I called him early in the morning from Disneyland Paris to wish him a happy day. And this year my family is in Costa Rica with Community of Caring doing a service project. I wasn't even able to talk to him so I really hope he had a great day.

In case you don't already know, I have the absolute BEST dad in the whole world.
You know those dad's you see in Disney movies who always have the right thing to say and are always so forgiving and kind to their kids? That's my dad to a tee. But better.
He has never once missed a dance recital, soccer game, school performance or birthday party.
He went on every field trip, volunteered at school eye exams and even helped out once a week in the computer lab in elementary school.
And if he wasn't already the nicest guy on the planet, he is also the smartest. I swear he has read every book on the planet and he knows everything about everything.
I can't think of one single instance in my whole life where my dad has really been mad at me. We are great friends and I always look forward to hanging out with him.

Anyways, you all know how great he is so I will stop there.
Happy Birthday Jeffer B! I love ya!

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