Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is how USU registration makes me feel. And I owe my computer an apology for taking out my anger on it.
There has got to be a better system USU! Other schools have no problem with registration. Why is it that the second we try and sign up for classes you freak out and shut down?
It is way too stressful and I really hate it.

On the other hand, in the time spent waiting for banner to start up again, Mason and I are watching HP7. It is putting me in a much better mood.

Wish me luck on getting my classes.


  1. our registration is the same way. an utter joke.

  2. hahaha i have totally been there! i know how you feel.
    so frustrating.
    but good luck with getting all registered!

    new to your blog and loving it.
    new follower.


  3. thanks for your support guys!! I love to hear from new followers! Thanks for your comments!

    love annie


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