Friday, April 22, 2011

Night Owl.

So I can't sleep. As always.
Mainly it's because I started looking at my pictures from Europe and now I am depressed because I miss it so much. I changed my profile picture like 20 time tonight.
If anyone wants to go back with me, let me know. I will drop everything and head there right now.

I miss the adventure. The waking up everyday and knowing you were about to see something incredible. I miss walking EVERYWHERE. I miss taxi rides, double-decker buses and the tube. I miss being constantly hyper 24/7 because I just knew I was having the very best time of my life. I miss being completely independent and totally irresponsible. Where the only worries I had was if I was getting fat off all the drinks we had. I miss cart-wheeling my way past every historical site in Europe. I miss having my camera ready constantly. I miss mailing post cards home. I miss talking to someone who spoke a different language and meeting in the middle to communicate. I miss acting like a travel agent. I miss running around Leicester and ballet at the Uni. I miss being the only American in class. I miss having beer or cider with lunch. I miss pub crawls! I miss the most amazing shopping in the world. I miss gelato and pizza for 3 meals a day. I miss sleeping in creepy hostels and feeling so proud the next day when my stuff wasn't stolen. I miss long train rides through Tuscany. I miss every single friend I made. I miss texts from my friends deciding what time to eat dinner. I miss crazy tour guides. I even miss the shitty food we ate every night at Beaumont. Ah I would seriously give anything to go back.

1 comment:

  1. i miss europe crazy bad! i feel ya sista- better see you next week at usu!


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