Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Ramblings

Right now I feel like writing so here it goes.

Do any of you watch Scrubs? If you don't, you should. That show cracks me up.
Anyways, the main character in the show, J.D., always has this little voice in his head that narrates his life. I swear it's the same for me. I constantly walk around thinking little things in my head about my life and creating stories for my blog. Mostly these ideas are completely random and not strung together in any way, shape or form, and that's how this post is going to go.

Today these were my blog thoughts:

-I have the oldest body that any 20 year old girl has ever had. Truly. I have tendinitis in my hips and my knees. It hurts to run, hike, jog, and dance. I hate it. But I do it anyways. I can't stretch out my left leg at all. Some how, over a year ago, I destroyed my left hip and now whenever we do extensions or anything like that in ballet I have to sit out. It bothers me more than anything.
My dad's latest theory is that I have one leg longer than the other. Apparently he has the same problem. Thanks dad! Let's hope I figure it out.

-This one's controversial. Brace yourselves. Last night I watched Teen Mom, I love it, judge me. Anyways I started thinking about birth control and how in Utah, and many other states, students are completely uneducated about contraception. This BOTHERS me! I am not prompting sex. Abstinence is great but that's not always the way it works out. Educating young people about ALL of their options is the best way to protect them from teen pregnancy and STDs. You don't have to agree with me.

-Yep, these were the notes I took in class today. Guess I'm thinking about summer. 7 more days of school left. I wish it was over already. I seriously can not wait to have a break from classes, sleep in, and enjoy the sun! I know you all already know this because about every other post I write mentions it. When I grow up I need to live in a warm place where I can have summer all year long.

-Next week I get to see my boyfriend!!!!!!!! FINALLY! It's been almost 2 months. I might be more excited about this than I am about summer. Long distance sucks. Yeah, you get used to it but it's never, ever fun. So thank god he will be in Logan for a few months.

-Yesterday my amazing roommate Blair helped me make a recipe book! I am so excited about it. I am probably the world's worst cook. I am totally clueless when it comes to being in the kitchen and Blair is the exact opposite. She can cook anything, and she does. So yesterday she gave me all her recipes and we made our own cook books. Hopefully with some practice this summer I will become a fabulous chef.

-Remember how I mentioned that my roommates and I have been working on a craft? Well we finished it over the weekend. It's a big frame filled with pictures of all of the 17 people that have lived in our house over the last few years. (Kinda like a frat). We thought we were so clever in making this so we gave each roommate a job title under their name to describe our personalities. It turned out awesome, don't you think?? Now we have it hanging in our living room.

Anyways. Thanks for reading my rambling. Happy Wednesday.

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