Friday, April 15, 2011

sweets to shoes

So today was a crazy, up and down, roller-coaster day!
This afternoon I went to work at Spoon Me and found out the saddest news ever, we are officially closing in 2 weeks. I was devastated to hear this. Not only do I absolutely love the yogurt but honestly Spoon Me has been the greatest job ever. I could not feel more lucky to have worked there for the last 2 years. I have made some amazing friends and I am going to miss working with every employee there.
After hearing the news I sat in the store, alone, thinking about how much had changed in my life since I was first hired. It's crazy to think I was just a little, immature freshman. I know 2 years is not that long but it really does feel like I have worked there forever.
After I called my parents and Jax to tell them to news I realized that, even though I have been here for a long time, I always look forward to going to work. It's just such a fun, easy-going, awesome job. What could be better than serving frozen yogurt for a living? Everyone that comes in is happy because they know they are getting a delicious treat, and I get to make friends with all the regular customers. I don't feel that I ever really took my amazing job for granted, but I do wish it could have lasted a little longer. I will miss spooning.

So I left work feeling pretty bummed right? Came home and complained to my roommates who decided that the best way to cheer me up would be to have "craft night". (Yes, I live with all boys, they love me that much!)
So we headed to the mall because I needed ink for my printer to print out some pictures (once the craft is complete I will show you what we made). While we waited for the ink guy to re-fill my cartridges we wondered around, killing time. Then, the luckiest thing ever happened!!
We walked past Journeys and Mason saw that our friend Keith was working, he just happens to be the manager, so of course, I mention to him that I am newly unemployed. He had me fill out an application and we started chatting about how I could possibly come in for an interview sometime next week. After setting a date my roommates and I left the store feeling hopeful.
Later that night (mid-craft) Mason gets a call from Keith. He hands me the phone explaining that he wants to talk to me.
"Hello?" I say
"Hey Annie, so decided we probably don't really need to have an interview, I am just going to hire you."
WHATTT! ahhhhh I was freaking out!!!
"Oh my god! Oh my god! Keith thank you so much!"
Can you guys believe that? Craziest, greatest thing that could possibly happen right?
I feel so lucky right now I can not even tell you. If any of you see Keith around be sure to give him a big hug.
I am very excited to start my new job. I just hope the transition from yogurt to shoes is smooth.

Wish me luck! Love you all.

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