Wednesday, April 6, 2011

to see or not to see

Tonight, as I was taking out my contacts, I was thinking to myself how nice it would to just have 20/20 vision. All of you out there who can see perfectly on your own, be grateful! As I was thinking this I realized that I have been wearing contacts for half my life now! 10 years! That's a long time for a girl who is only 20 years old. And I have had glasses even longer than that.
I know that this is a very normal thing in our society and lots of people have bad eyes, but it's still such an annoying problem.
The worst part is, at the rate I'm going, I will probably be blind by the time I'm 30.
Technically I'm already considered legally blind. Without glasses I can't see more than 5 inches in front of me. (That is not an exaggeration, I really just tried.)
I want to have Lasic sooo bad but my eyes are still changing a lot. I have to get a new prescription about every 6 months to a year.
Anyways, This is just my random, creepy eye post. I think the real reason I even started thinking about all this was because I watched "Little House on the Prairie" today (judge me) and I realized that if I was alive back then I totally would have been Mary.
When Emma and I were younger we played "Littlely" every single day, it was our own version of "Little House".
(yes, I meant to write {Littlely} not literally, that's what we called the game.)
Anyways, we both always wanted to be Laura because she was the cool, spunky one but of course I ALWAYS had to be Mary because I was older. I remember having nightmares as a kid because I thought that if I pretended I was Mary then I really would go blind. Sure enough, who knew it would really happen? ha ok, ok I'm not really going blind, but still. And just to put it out there, Emma has horrible eyes too! So there, being Laura didn't do her any good.

Sorry for this random post. But it's my blog and tonight I thought I would write about eyes. And Littlely.

(Don't lie, I know you are all imagining Laura Ingalls and her fluffy dog Jack running down that grassy hill in Walnut Grove right now.)

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  1. If you consider looking in to Lasik at some point you should look in to getting an intraocular lens. Basically they just replace your natural lens with a fake one and it can be replaced! So if your prescription changes later in life you could get it replaced if you wanted without the side effects of Lasik. I totally feel your pain though haha I'm the same way... Can't see barely in front of my face! I am so jealous of people that have perfect eyesight!


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