Monday, May 23, 2011


So I live in Utah.
You all know this.
But just because I am a girl in my {very} early twenties does not mean I NEED to be married.

This post is proof that I am:
a) Far too young for such ideas
b)A total blonde
c)Not Mormon
d)STILL only 20 (24 more days)

So I have this new amazing job right? You have all seen pictures and read about in previous posts, and I absolutely love it! Anyways, two days ago I was hanging out at work selling some cup cakes when my boss asked;
"So have you met Mr. Right yet?"
I sat there for a second thinking about all the regular costumers that come in and the friends that frequently visit our owners, and I couldn't think of this man named "Mr. Right".
After a few seconds my boss could tell I was reading way too far into this question so he started laughing and clarified that he meant had I met MY "Mr. Right", as in my future husband.
My face went bright red, how could I have thought that this was a real person we were talking about. Duh! I'm a 20 year old girl living in Logan Utah! 3 weeks from now and I will have officially reached my expiration date as far as getting married goes in this town. Hell, my most fertile years are about a quarter gone now.

This might sound like a silly statement to those of you reading my blog from other lovely places in the world but I will be honest, the vast majority of my friends are either married or engaged. And don't get me wrong, I am completely thrilled for them! It's just not really in the cards for me anytime soon.

I get asked on a regular basis when I am planning on getting married and I usually kinda laugh it off and say "oh one day", but I promise you all that it won't be for at LEAST another 5 years.

So you can take a sigh of relief mom and dad, I plan on staying a kid as long as I can.


  1. so a comment on this: i was with some of my cousins at a wedding in san diego recently and one of the ladies was talking to my cousin and asking her how old she was and she said 23, and the woman was like, "and you're not married????!!!" with a major look of disgust. which was very rude. my cousin is very pretty, just got a master's at the u, has a lot going for her, and so that lady's comment didn't phase her, because she know she will get married someday. people are just so ignorant sometimes. she acted as if my cousin suddenly had the plague!!! ridiculous.

  2. i forgot to mention, that yes the lady was from utah.


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