Friday, June 24, 2011

finally LEGAL!

Attention blogging world, please excuse my absence, life has been so incredibly busy I have hardly had time to check my e-mail let alone compose any sort of post.
First of all, guess who's LEGALLLL!!!??
Yep, I made it 21. 1 MIP under my belt but it has been officially cleared from my record now. Thank goodness. I have been soaking up every second of adulthood since my birthday last Thursday, wow, has it already been a week? Anyways, my time as a minor came to a marvelous conclusion at a huge party we held at my parents house in Salt Lake. My mom's birthday is the day before mine and she turned 50 so we decided that these two milestone birthdays deserved a spectacular event, and that it was. Our combined 71st birthday party had a diverse guest list from all over. The ages ranged from about 10 years old to 82, and all together is was a very good time. We went all out with this party, Temptation made us 100 unbelievable cupcakes, we hired a great DJ to bring life to the party and Cynthis and I, along with help from Katie, splurged on about $400 worth of beverages (if you know what I mean), after all, it was a 21st birthday!
We danced the night away. I can honestly say that it was, without a doubt, the best birthday party to ever hit Salt Lake City. We had spray paint for tagging the basketball court, marshmallows by the fire pit and a photo booth, thanks to my awesome, new Polaroid camera.
The night ended with a trip down town to Gracie's but not before playing a few games of flip cup with my mom and a few of her friends. My crazy, college friends definitely brought out the youth in everyone at the party.
If you didn't make it to the party, we missed you! And to all of you that did attend, I hope you had as much fun as I did. the best part of it is that this is just the start!


  1. 21 is a whole new world :) Enjoy it!! It goes by fast from here. Feels like yesterday I had turned 21, now I'm 24 haha.

  2. How fun! Happy late birthday doll!!


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